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Data recovery in clean room

What is a clean room?

A clean room is a room where the concentration of suspended particles in the air is strictly controlled to prevent contamination of equipment and media under recovery.

Why work in a clean room?

Technological developments and the extreme miniaturization of hard disks today require us to use advanced technologies to ensure an optimum recovery quality.

In fact, the delicacy of burning a disk is such that a speck of dust can permanently damage the inner surface of the disk.

For these reasons, it is imperative to note that every precaution must be taken when opening a hard disk and it is important not to try to personally repair it otherwise an alteration of its surface could cause a permanent loss of your data.

Data Recovery clean rooms

Data Recovery has one clean room in Europe, where our engineers are ready to intervene to recover your data:

Representative diagram of the space between the read head and the surface