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Data Recovery methodology

Demande de récupération de données

Announcement of the breakdown

By phone, through our website or directly at our laboratory, you inform us about the problem you're encountering. We'll advise you free.

Sending of your data medium

You have different means to transmit us your faulty data medium:

  • We send you a package by ExpressPost, that you send back to us (free of charge).
  • A delivery box pick up your support at home within one hour.
  • You send us your data medium by your own.
  • You bring it at our laboratory in Neuchâtel.

Analysis of your data medium (on request)

As soon as we received the data medium, a Data Recovery specialist will analyse it to discover the kind of problem, the feasability of a data recovery and the costs.

If you agree with the costs, we'll do the repair and the data extraction as explain at pt. 4. If you don't agree, we'll stop the recovery process.

Repair and data extraction

We repair and change the faulty pieces. We made then a bit-to-bit copy of your data medium, so we'll work on the copy and not on the original data medium.

We analyse this copy to extract your data, which we transfer on a new data medium.

Your data are back at home

We send you your recovery data and keep by safe the bit-to-bit copy for 14 days. In case you have a problem during this time, you can contact us at any time and we'll proceed to an another free extraction.