774 SOS Data Recovery partners

26 collecting points where you can bring your computer media for analysis by SOS Data Recovery

26 collecting points SOS Data Recovery

Our Collecting Points are computer companies where you can bring your computer support that you want to entrust to us for analysis. These collection points will then transmit your support to us as soon as possible.

You will thus benefit from quality advice from our partners.

We advise you to make a request for assistance before going to one of our collection points to bring your media.

Collecting point details

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Clalüna Computer GmbH

Partner Clalüna Computer GmbH - Logo

Hohlstrasse 484
8048 Zürich
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CSG ComputerShop SA

Partner CSG ComputerShop SA - Logo

Av. Industrielle 9
1227 Carouge
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Prodimex SA

Partner Prodimex SA - Logo

Rue Jacques-Grosselin 13
1227 Carouge
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Cuomo PC

Partner Cuomo PC - Logo

Rte d'Oron 4
1010 Lausanne
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Partner ASSYMBA Sàrl - Logo

Rue de l'Industrie 66
1030 Bussigny
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Dépraz Informatique Sàrl

Partner Dépraz Informatique Sàrl - Logo

Rue des Ecoles 16
1347 Le Chenit
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Tech Center Multimédia Sàrl

Partner Tech Center Multimédia Sàrl - Logo

Rue d'Italie 32
1800 Vevey
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Computeria GmbH

Partner Computeria GmbH - Logo

Rämismatte 11
3232 Ins
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Support-4-IT AG

Partner Support-4-IT AG - Logo

Friedeggstrasse 5
3400 Burgdorf
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Huber-service.net GmbH

Partner Huber-service.net GmbH - Logo

Bahnhofstrasse 27
4914 Roggwil
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Supsign AG

Partner Supsign AG - Logo

Heiligholzstrasse 6
4142 Münchenstein
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Cross Data AG

Partner Cross Data AG - Logo

Schützenstrasse 1
8280 Kreuzlingen
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E+M Computershop Strub

Partner E+M Computershop Strub - Logo

Teufener Str. 119
9000 St. Gallen
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SevenBit GmbH

Partner SevenBit GmbH - Logo

Kapellstrasse 26
2540 Grenchen
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Infopromo SA

Partner Infopromo SA - Logo

Pl. des Alpes 24
1630 Bulle
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Support-4-IT AG

Partner Support-4-IT AG - Logo

Gewerbestrasse 5
6330 Cham
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PS Consulting Sàrl

Partner PS Consulting Sàrl - Logo

Rte Cantonale 63
1897 Evouettes
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GoBiz Sàrl

Partner GoBiz Sàrl - Logo

Rue de l'Eglise 6
1926 Fully
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AlloPC.ch - Reveb Sàrl

Partner AlloPC.ch - Reveb Sàrl - Logo

Rue de Lausanne 116
1950 Sion
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Piramide Informatica Sagl

Partner Piramide Informatica Sagl - Logo

Via Arbigo 7
6616 Losone
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Berne french speaking

Astria Informatique Sàrl

Partner Astria Informatique Sàrl - Logo

Rue Francillon 17
2610 Saint-Imier
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Tibo SA (Delémont)

Partner Tibo SA (Delémont) - Logo

Rue Saint-Randoald 34
2800 Delémont
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Solution Informatique SA

Partner Solution Informatique SA - Logo

Route d'Alle 41
2900 Porrentruy
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Tibo SA (Porrentruy)

Partner Tibo SA (Porrentruy) - Logo

Rte de Courgenay 58
2900 Porrentruy
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tesweb SA

Partner tesweb SA - Logo

Puits Godet 6a
2000 Neuchâtel
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