RAID 1: mirror RAID

RAID 1, as known as mirror RAID or simply mirroring, is a secure RAID system. As long as one of the HDDs is functional, this RAID system will work.

Function of RAID 1

A minimum of 2 HDDs is required to create a RAID 1.

The data is simply cloned on each HDD of the RAID 1.

This RAID system is very secure, but isn't fast with reading/writing. Indeed, the data must be written on each HDD of the RAID 1 everytime.

RAID 1 failures

The only thing with this RAID system is that you'll be able to use the whole volume of a single HDD. As each other HDD is a clone of the first one, you'll be able to use only one of them to store your data.

The common RAID 1 failures are :

  • Loss of the RAID configuration.
  • Reconfiguration of the RAID 1 with other RAID parameters.
  • Overvoltage on the electricity network.