RAID 1+0 ou RAID 10

RAID 10 is a concatenation of 2 RAID systems. RAID 1 and RAID 0.

Function of RAID 10

This system allows a secure storage, thanks to the RAID 1, but also a faster reading and writing, thanks to the RAID 0.

It is quite reliable, because the data can be lost only if two HDDs of the same pair (RAID 1) are down at the same time.

In a RAID 10, files are divided in blocks of X sectors. The first block is written on 2 HDDs (RAID 1, mirroring) and the second on 2 other HDDs (the other RAID 1). This system offers reliability and good speed.

A RAID 10 is more secure than a RAID 01.

RAID 10 failures

The common RAID 10 failures are :

  • Loss of the RAID configuration.
  • All the HDDs of the same branch are down.
  • Wrong RAID reconfiguration.