Buffalo NAS

Buffalo Technology is a japanese company based in Nagoya.

We recover your lost data. Helpline +41 840 440 840

Covid-19 :
Our company continues to be operational. Nevertheless, it is not possible to physically come to our laboratory anymore. Access is reduced to a strict minimum. The transmission of media is therefore only possible by regular post.

Buffalo NAS recovery

The company was created in 1975 by Makoto Maki. It is an active company in storage devices, multimedia and wifi solutions for persons and SME.

Buffalo is strongly established on the Japanese PC devices market. Internationally, the company is the NAS sellers leader.

Buffalo has over 1000 employees.

You will find below a partial list of Buffalo NAS we can recover :


  • TS-XL TeraStation

TeraStation 1000

  • TeraStation TS1200D
  • TeraStation TS1400D
  • TeraStation TS1400R

TeraStation 3000

  • TeraStation TS3400D
  • TeraStation TS3400R

TeraStation 4000

  • TeraStation TS4200D
  • TeraStation TS4400D
  • TeraStation TS4400R
  • TeraStation TS4800D

TeraStation 5000

  • TeraStation TS5200D
  • TeraStation TS5200DWR
  • TeraStation TS5400D
  • TeraStation TS5400DWR
  • TeraStation TS5400R
  • TeraStation TS5400RWR
  • TeraStation TS5600D
  • TeraStation TS5800D
  • TeraStation TS5800DWR

TeraStation 7000

  • TeraStation TS7120r


  • LinkStation LS-QVL
  • LinkStation LS-WSXL
  • LinkStation LS210D-EU
  • LinkStation LS220D-EU
  • LinkStation LS410D-EU
  • LinkStation LS420D-EU
  • LinkStation LS421DE-EU
  • LinkStation LS441D-EU