AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape)

Abandoned project of high speed and high capacity storage format.

AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape)

The AIT format, developed by Sony at the beginning, is a format that tends to disappear.

AIT technology was available in two versions. The classic AIT version uses tapes similar to the "Video8" ones.

The SAIT version, for Super AIT, uses cartridges in a format similar to a DLT or LTO cartridge.

In March 2010, Sony announced the discontinuation of the AIT product line.

AIT generations

One of the interests of AIT bands is their high compatibility between the various generations of AIT bands. This allows AIT tape drives to read and write on several generations of media.

AIT tapes generations

  • AIT-1 - 1996
  • AIT-1 Turbo - 2004
  • AIT-2 - 1999
  • AIT-2 Turbo
  • AIT-3 - 2001
  • AIT-3Ex - 2006
  • AIT-4 - 2005
  • AIT-5 - 2006

SAIT tapes generations

  • SAIT-1 - 2003
  • SAIT-2 - 2006