SOS Data Recovery works on all computer brands.

Major manufacturers of IT media

There are several manufacturers of computer storage devices that provide a wide range of products to meet the needs of users. While it is not possible to list all of them here, here are some of the main manufacturers:

  • Seagate
    One of the leading manufacturers of hard drives and storage solutions. Their products are widely used in personal computers, servers, and data centers.
  • Western Digital
    A well-known manufacturer of hard drives and storage solutions. Their products are renowned for their reliability and performance, and they also offer network storage solutions and SSDs.
  • Samsung
    A major player in the computer storage industry, offering high-quality SSDs, hard drives, and memory cards for a variety of applications.
  • Fujitsu
    Well-regarded for their reliable hard drives and storage solutions for businesses and professional users.
  • Hitachi
    Offers a range of storage products, including internal and external hard drives, network storage solutions, and cloud storage solutions.
  • Toshiba
    A well-known manufacturer of hard drives, SSDs, and other storage solutions for personal computers and businesses.
  • LaCie
    Specializes in external hard drives and high-end storage solutions, offering fast performance and aesthetic design.
  • Maxtor
    A brand of hard drives that offers high-quality products for users' storage needs, including external and internal hard drives.
  • Quantum
    Specializes in storage solutions for businesses, offering hard drives, magnetic tapes, and network storage systems.
  • ExcelStor
    A hard drive manufacturer that offers affordable products for users with basic storage needs.

These manufacturers are widely recognized for the quality and reliability of their products, and they continue to innovate to meet the evolving needs of users in storage and computer support.